Monday, July 8, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Gelumbang

Star & Crescent at the top of Migrab Capula Babussalam Mosque, Gelumbang.
Until this moment I am not got any information yet related to when the civilization in this village was begun. Gelumbang is a Village in South Sumatera Province, Indonesia. Folk said, this village starting from a very small village called Talang Gelumai, but nobody knew when it was. I was born and grew up there. When the time has comes, I must left and never thing and never know, when and how I will back some day. Just Go. To find some things better, explore my own life.

From the roof top of the Mosque to the North West.
There’s Masjid Jami’ Babussalam or Babussalam Jame’ Mosque, located in “tengah laman” of Gelumbang. “Tengah Laman” means ‘village center’ or ‘city center’. My Mom was introduced me to this masjid since I am still a cute baby. She said, I got my marhaba in this masjid. Marhaba is our tradition to celebrate new baby born. To hard to count how many time I sleps in my grandpa’s lap when I joint him for Jum’ah prayer in this masjid, together with my father. I spend my childhood in this masjid to learn Alif Ba Ta, an Arabic alphabet as the magic key to read holly Qur’an.

The Old Minaret capoula
No one can speak Arabic in this village at that moment, so we just learning how to read Qur’an as an obligation. I am a lucky boy with very kind of teacher’s in this masjid. Without them may be I can’t read Arabic till today. There’s (alm) Ustadz Arifin,  and Haji Nazori who's spend his life for this masjid. Haji Nazori’s home just stod oppose to this masjid. He’s Head of Masjid Committee since the first time I entering that building. He’s spending not only his time, also his money. Including huge money he got from insurance company for his late lovely Son, who's die in traffic incident. Some people also call this masjid as Masjid Haji Nazori in respect to his dedication.

Hari Raya
1978 I am in 1st class elementary school, when the old masjid structure was turn down to build a new mosque. This new mosque actually never got finishing touch, insist of the biggest structure compare the previous one. All the structure made from cement concrete, the kiblah direction was corrected.

From the roof top of the mosque to the east
The time was running away. When I come back to this masjid, dozen people look at me as stranger persons. Understandable, what I can expect for something I left for more than 17 years. And I am really understand when people around me start to quest “kau ni siapo ?” or “awak ni dari mano ?” in Palembang language insist of “kau ne Hendra, Kan ?” or “Kau ne anak si Jai-Betty, kan ?” in Belida mother tongue. I am the strangers in my own Kampung.

Gathering in Hari Raya Prayer
Everything has change, no more small village, no more place to hunt in the forest just in back yard, no more small rivers with clear and sweet water, no more homogenic indigenous people. Peoples from around the area start to flood this developed village several years ago when the community leader plan to established own residences government.

Facade of the previous Babussalam mosque
Finally in late 2011 the mosque I’ve knew was turn down again. Nothing left from the old structure except of picture of memory in my mind. The new committee decided to build a really ‘brand new’ mosque in anticipate and as preparation to become city center for the future “new residences government area”.***